Six for Santiago

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September 25, 2017
The Art and Craft of Observation
October 25, 2017

Six for Santiago

by Belinda Coniglio

Using her reflective and easy to read style, Belinda recounts the stories of the people she meets during her journey as she walks the Camino de Santiago in April - May 2016.

A piece that started as a blog, then a series of articles for a magazine, Six for Santiago is based on true stories of human emotion. It is said that while walking the camino, we encounter the very things that reflect our life outside the camino or that we are facing in our own life: love, relationships and friendships, overcoming fear, tears - like our life, if we embrace our path, we take a step closer to unfolding our truest self. After all, the camino is a journey into oneself.

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I had set out early, with a plan to arrive at Bayonne in the evening, in preparation to travel to St Jean Pied de Port the next day. Instead, I found myself in Paris, seeking a safe and comfortable room at Mama Shelter, designed by Philippe Starck. Belinda Coniglio


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