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Jean Roberts – Manuals and Publications
March 31, 2017
Jean Roberts – Training Manuals Supporting Not-for-Profit Organisations
April 23, 2017

Roberts Management Publications

Jean Roberts is the Founder and Sole Director of Roberts Management Concepts Pty Ltd. Jean managed this business from 1985 until her retirement in June 2012 at age 78. Now 82, Jean's main interest and activity is writing, with new and Second Edition books and eBooks to be released through Echo Books.

These new editions will include packaging of Jean's training manuals, checklists, e-books and PDFs written during her 27 years of consulting and training with and within the Nonprofit and the Small & Medium Enterprise (SME) Sectors.

Supporting these new publications, the 'Jean Roberts Updates' will be a monthly feature through this Web Page, keeping Jean's many followers up-to-date with news, and inviting comments and feedback.

The following books and manuals are being prepared for re-publication:

Print Books

One Person Show - the smallest of small business, your first steps as an entrepreneur - Now in Paperback and eBook


The Left and Right Brain Business: to increase and enhance business effectiveness
A Day in the Life of a Fly on the Wall - COMING SOON
My Spiritual Journey as an Independent Consultant and Trainer
Riding the Waves of Community Development – from the 1970s (second edition 2017) - COMING SOON

Manuals and Publications

Submission/Grant Writing Training Manual
Making Ethics Work Toolkit
Jean’s Service Delivery e-book - COMING SOON

Governance Kits
No. 1 – 'Clarifying the role and responsibilities of Nonprofit Board Members, and self-appraisal of their performance'
No. 2 – 'Partnership Relationships'
No. 3 – 'Personal Responsibilities of Nonprofit Board Members'
No. 4 – 'Nonprofit Board Dynamics and Behaviours'

Training Material Supporting Not-for-Profit Organisations

Collaborative Working Relationships Toolkit - 2017
Outcome and Social Impact Measurement Checklist
Service Delivery for Nonprofit and Commercial
Successful Quoting and Tendering Techniques - 2017

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