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December 29, 2016
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December 29, 2016

One Person Show

the smallest of small business

By Jean Roberts

Second Edition

This book is based on the practical and recorded experiences of two One Person Show/Entrepreneurs – Jean’s career as a One Person Show, 1985 - 2012, and Shakespeare’s career from 1592 to his death in 1616.

This Book has six sections:

Section 1: Traffic lights for One Person Show business start-ups

Section 2: The Resource Base of a One Person Show/Entrepreneur

Section 3: Core and Non-core Business

Section 4: Setting out as a One Person Show/Entrepreneur ... what Jean and Shakespeare started with

Section 5: One Person Show/Entrepreneur’s Toolkit

Section 6: Jean’s entrepreneurial approach to Nonprofit and SME Action-Research – 1989-2012

Epilogue: Jean’s tribute to Shakespeare


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