The Art and Craft of Observation

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September 25, 2017
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October 31, 2017

The Art and Craft of Observation

by Jean Roberts

Jean Roberts writes:

'My business career spans sixty years – and through most of these years, I have learned by doing, ie by experience and by observing. I believe that ART is the experience, with a strong emotional involvement and application: and CRAFT is the skill, with a strong intellectual involvement and application.

It is my firm belief that, by choosing not to be judge and jury on the attitudes and behaviours of others, it is possible to understand their position and perspective – and to begin to see the world through their eyes, hearts and minds. This requires self-discipline as well as curiosity and empathy: it particularly requires one to see a value in such understanding.

If we can understand and anticipate human behaviours, we are much closer to increasing job satisfaction, efficiency and productivity ... and confidently being able to capitalise on opportunities as they arise.´

now available in eBook (ISBN 9780648202509) as a PDF :

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