The Dancing Kangaroos

June 9, 2020
December 29, 2016

The Dancing Kangaroos

by Roy H Sach

Unconventional, with a unique perspective, this page-turner is one that many readers will find fascinating, controversial and memorable.

Its author, Roy Sach, has been employed as a truck driver, factory labourer, military officer, civil servant and company director.

His interests are equally diverse, having gained a law degree before being captivated by aspects of engineering and physics—particularly related to satellites and outer space technologies—all set against his interest in human behaviour, politics and economics.

Exploring the potential near-term future, this book offers a potentially disconcerting glimpse of many disciplines and includes the implication that global issues linked to prominent actors might reflect tendencies submerged in all levels of societies.

He wove these diverse topics into a cohesive fabric of violence and romance.

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